Royal Island

Royal Island, a newly rentable, 430-acre, palm-tree-shrouded paradise… along with some basic guidelines for a blissful stay/successful reign. five-star amenities-for private rental only. Five romantic Caribbean villas are perched in privacy with verdant landscapes, on the edge of pure turquoise waters. Royal Island celebrates its exquisite natural beauty while incorporating unmatched activities and amenities-such as a world-class private chef, luxurious beach club and a stunning private catamaran.


Amanruya Bodrum

Matched with classical history and natural beauty, Amanruya is in the heart of the Aegean region of Turkey. An all-season resort, Amanruya was named after the Sanskrit word for peace ‘aman’ and is Turkish for ‘dream.’ All of the resort’s pool terrace cottages have their own garden, private swimming pool and outdoor shower. They also offer a 50 meter swimming pool, tennis courts, a three-story library, boutique, art gallery, and two spa suites. The Mediterranean swallows you in her beauty and the ancient Roman ruins from ages past mesmerize everyone who visits Amanruya.


Song Saa Private Island

In the Khmer language, ‘Song Saa’ means ‘the sweethearts’, reflecting the way the property spans the two tropical islands of Koh Ouen and Koh Bong, with just a footbridge connecting the two. Song Saa is the first ever luxury island development in Cambodia, setting a new standard in environmentally sensitive, luxurious accommodation just 30 minutes by speedboat from Sihanoukville.

The property features 27 luxury pool villas, situated in the lush rainforest, on the golden beaches and perched over the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand, each with the most modern of facilities, designed to work in harmony with the environment.Song Saa is also home to the fantastic Vista Restaurant and Lounge, affording 360-degree views of the ocean whilst dining on delicious food prepared by the talented chefs. This is a spectacular view point for sunrise and sunset and starry nights are best observed at the over-water bar or at the bar on the beach. For underwater enthusiasts, Song Saa is paradise, as it sits amidst a pristine marine reserve, home to an abundance of fascinating marine life, including dugongs, seahorses and exotic species of tropical fish. Explore this amazing under water world from the PADI dive centre, or take to the ocean in a multitude of other ways, from windsurfing and catamaran sailing to canoeing and big game fishing. Song Saa also houses a wonderful spa and wellness centre in lush rainforest surroundings on it’s own dedicated island.